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I have an 8300 and a Tekkeon ET6000 Bluetooth hands free car kit. Everything works ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Voice dial through BT hands free kit doesn't work if headphones plugged in


    I have an 8300 and a Tekkeon ET6000 Bluetooth hands free car kit. Everything works fine until I plug a stereo headset cord (male on both ends) into the Curve so I can play music through the car speakers. At that point, I can initiate voice dialing from the ET6000 as normal, the music pauses, but the BB screen stays stuck on "initializing" the voice dialing and never goes any further. If I don't have the BB and the ET6000 connected via BT and have the stereo plug in the BB (doesn't matter if the other end is in the car jack or not) the BB will voice dial through its own speaker and microphone just fine.

    I've sent an email to Tekkeon but in my initial call with them they seemed to think it was a BB issue rather than one with their unit. I'm just trying to understand why this would happen and if there's anything I can do about it.

    The stereo plug is a 3 ring design (left/right/ground) rather than a 4 ring design. I am deducing that when using a 3 ring plug in a 4 ring socket (as the BB presumably has) that the ring that would normally go to an external microphone ends up being grounded but don't see why this would cause a problem with the bluetooth but not the built in speaker/microphone.

    Has anyone run across this before or have any thoughts?


    7/12/07 - Update

    A little more information. When I plug in the headset that comes with the Curve (4 ring, stereo+microphone), the ET6000 initiates voice dialing and it works, but the sound comes through the headphones and the microphone on the headset is active (as near as I can tell) rather than the microphone on the ET6000.

    Thus, it appears that when the BB sees a headset/microphone combo, it decides not to send/receive audio via BT (which makes sense to me). On the other hand, when there is only a headset plugged in (no 4th ring for the microphone) then it seems to understand to send the audio out through the BT but gets confused about where the audio input should come from and thus gets stuck.
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