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Last year I had an 8707v with the free leather holster. I used it a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Vodafone UK leather holster warning!


    Last year I had an 8707v with the free leather holster. I used it a few times and then found a good screen protector instead. The reason for binning it was the magnet inside; it wiped my Travelcard three times before my tiny brain made the connection between the two.

    So I've been using the free leather sleeve that comes with the UK Curve through Vodafone.

    There's no 'lid' so no magnet, right? Wrong. There's a magnet in the back, a small circular one presumably used to put the handset to sleep when you insert it.

    Well guess what? It's also damn good at wiping Travelcards! Makes that Monday morning commute all the more infuriating!

    So if you're using the Curve's holster, keep it away from magnet-sensitive tickets, credit cards etc.

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    Re: Vodafone UK leather holster warning!

    yikes! sorry harry you had to find out the hard way i had no idea there was a magnet in that pouch either good to know

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