Hello. I used to have a Blackberry 8100 with the vodafone today theme. I just got a Curve 8530 and was very disappointed to learn that vodafone did not design an updated version for OS 5. If someone could duplicate this theme for free, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like the theme done in red and white (the standard theme colors were either red and white or red and green). I know that a lot of people with OS 5 are looking for this theme, so both color schemes might be done if a developer has the time and patience for it. An OTA installation is preferred, but .zip is OK if necessary. As long as the theme is as close to the original as possible, I don't care which way I have to download it. If you find a way to duplicate this theme for the 8500 series OS 5.0, please send me a PIN message. My PIN is 3175846B