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Hi everybody... I have a question about replacing (or erasing) a Vendor ID on Cruve. ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Lightbulb Vendor ID on Curve


    Hi everybody...
    I have a question about replacing (or erasing) a Vendor ID on Cruve.

    I already changed the OS by installing a new one with (edited .alx file, changed all Vendor ID on theme section, removed Vendor.xml file and all that) but when the handheld boots I get the Vendor's splash screen and controlling with alt+shift H still shows me the initial vendor ID (180 - Turkcell).
    Now, anybody tired to modify Vendor.xml file (changing the vendor ID instead of deleteing the file)?

    If there is anybody who knows how that can be accomplished, please give me a hand about it...It seems to me that this Vendor ID, it is somehow "burned" into the handheld (more likely on hardware somehow) since everytime I erased all data and apps without backup and still the joker splash screen pops up every time when the handheld starts....

    By the way - to make all themes on BB to work, is better to erase vendor codes on .alx file, instead of setting all of them to handheld's default vendor ID. - you will be surprised, that you will get one or two themes more this way (I don't know why, but it just behave like this)....

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    Re: Vendor ID on Curve

    It's hard-coded into the device, as far as anyone can tell.

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    Re: Vendor ID on Curve

    nope can't be changed

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