Since only one blackberry has been tested with it, I battled with my carrier and Microsoft until my phone was functional.. Any questions at all feel free to post or PM me. Thanks!

How To Use Your Mobile Phone With Sync

  • Make A Hands-Free Call

    Just pair your phone, say "Dial" and Sync will call the number for you. Making a call hands-free is quick and easy with Sync’s simple voice commands.
  • Pair Your Phone

    To make hands-free calls you must first pair your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to Sync. Once your mobile phone is paired, use Sync's voice dialing and simple voice commands to make hands-free calls.
  • Turn Bluetooth On And Off

    To make hands-free calls, Bluetooth must be turned ON in Sync. By default, Bluetooth is turned ON when Sync is turned ON. In the event Bluetooth is turned off, Sync will ask you if you’d like to turn it on.
  • Automatically Use Your Contacts Phonebook Each Time You Connect To Sync

    If you’d like Sync to automatically download your mobile phonebook, each time you connect it to Sync, just activate Auto Download. With Auto Download you can call new contacts or contacts that have changed without adding them manually.
  • Enter and Exit Your Vehicle Without Interrupting Your Call

    No need to say, "I’ll call you back." If you’d like to continue your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone call hands-free while traveling, without interruption, simply start or stop the vehicle engine to connect to or disconnect from Sync.
  • Download Your Contacts Phonebook To Sync, Manually

    Make hands-free calls from your car through Sync’s voice dialing. To call contacts listed in your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, simply download your phonebook to Sync, and then, just say the word.
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How To Use Your Media Player With Sync

  • Use Your Media Player With Voice Commands

    Control your media player hands-free, with simple voice commands. Whether you use your media player for music, podcasts or audio books, you’ll find Sync’s hands-free features to be easy, fast and fun!