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Is there a way (or maybe a tutorial??) to get real GPS functions on the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Using 8310 as a real GPS


    Is there a way (or maybe a tutorial??) to get real GPS functions on the Blackberry?

    Specifically - entering waypoints and navigating to waypoints, especially in wilderness areas. I do a lot of mountain climbing and mountain rescue, and although I usually have a GPS with me I always have my cellphone/Blackberry with me.
    What I want is the ability for the BB GPS to be able to navigate me in a whiteout back to a known location.

    I've used Google Maps and BBMaps and it seems this is possible.
    Example using Google Maps – search for, and save as Favorite “Timberline Lodge, Oregon”
    Then, when climbing Mt Hood, you should be able to pinpoint your present location using the GPS (even if it’s located in a totally blank area. By zooming out you should be able to find your location and Timberline Lodge, and - maybe not in a straight line – navigate to it.

    Or if you don’t know how to specify the location of the point you’re trying to reach, turn on satellite image and search for known landmarks – stream, ridge, road crossing, etc – and use the

    Or using BBMaps, which give Lat/Long coordinates. Knowing your current lat/long, and the lat/long of a known location, you could guesstimate N/S and E/W direction to head, creating an approximate bearing, and again use the GPS location tracking to help you navigate to that location.

    Is there any way using Google or BBMaps to move the map to a specific location and have it read out the lat/long of that location? I can only find the lat/long of my current location.
    Or do the opposite – enter lat/long and have the map center on that location?
    Or change the default lat/long to UTM?

    Has anyone done anything like this?
    Are there any tutorials or web resources that discuss ways to use BB or cellphone GPS in a wilderness environment?

    The next few times I go out, I'll play with Google Maps and BBMaps to save locations (i.e. car, landmarks, trail intersections) and then use the GUI to see if I can successfully navigate back to them. I'm really curious to see what it does when I'm miles from the nearest road and I tell it to get directions from here to there, neither of which is on their map.

    Your input and feedback is most welcome, and I'll update with results as they develop.


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    10 is a nice application and there is a user in the forum that has worked on a special version that enables tracking and way points and able to import and export kml files. Also has web tracking so you or anyone else can see your location in real time as you move. You will have to search the forums to find it though because its not in the download section.

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