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Hi Everyone, I have a 8310 and w/ a 2gb SD card installed. I tried ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    USB Connection issue


    Hi Everyone,

    I have a 8310 and w/ a 2gb SD card installed. I tried to connect it to my computer for the first time via usb to drag music onto my phone, but my computer dosnt recongnize it and the phone dosnt promt to go into mass storage mode. i checked the settings for the media card, and its set to promt, and i even reformatted the sd card.

    can anyone help me out? any suggestions?


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    just ask
    I would first make sure that the USB connection on your phone is not damaged. Take a pen and make sure the black piece on the inside of the USB connection isn't wobbling. If that is good then I would recommend trying to use a different USB input on your computer so it may recognize the mass storage device.

    Does your computer find the device when you click on my computer?

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    ask me
    Do you have a password on your device? In that case the bb will prompt you for a password before it makes your mass storage available on your computer...

    I have mass storage mode select to auto and my device is password enabled... If I don't want to use mass storage, I just don't enter the password...

    Lemme know if that helps...

    ~via smartphone~

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    Also some more info might help...

    What kind of computer, what kind of OS on the computer, have you tried different ports, is it an older computer. Have you installed desktop manager and/or usb support drivers (i had to install this on my work computer to get it to see my bb)
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    How about this GREAT fix on WinXP !
    That site has several free automatic "fix me" files!

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