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Whenever i "hide" icons they reappear after i do a batter pull or when the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Upgraded 4.5...BB Dimension Today Plus...issues


    Whenever i "hide" icons they reappear after i do a batter pull or when the device resets.

    Anybody else have issues?

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    I think you downloaded that theme for 4.2. I had it too. If you go to official bb ota themes now you will find that there are none available for 4.5, so I assume it is not compatible. Same with the Scribble theme.

    My completed tasks, which I have hidden, reappear in the list when they feel like it. Actually, I just did a battery pull and they came back, so thanks for that piece of info.

    I am using the T-mo theme with a cool world map wallpaper I got here:
    Put the myfaves icon as one of the five on the bottom, and when you press it, it pops up in a very harmonious fashion.

    I gave up on the today themes since they don't show all day events, recurring events, or tasks. I just press l, which I have set to start at agenda view. That way I know I am getting accurate info.
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    faisal - It's an issue with OS 4.5 and RIM's Today Plus theme, they don't play well together. You could look around Pinstack at some of the new today plus themes, Or go to Bplay and buy one. I have one of their today plus themes, and it works great on 4.5.
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    where can I find a stable 4.5 OS for my 8310? I have installed it I dont know how many times and it keeps turning itself off and back on. getting pretty darn frustrated with it

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