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Hello there folks. I recently got a CDMA blackberry. I had to upgrade to the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Upgraded from 4.2 to 4.5 help please


    Hello there folks.

    I recently got a CDMA blackberry. I had to upgrade to the 4.5 os from my 4.2 which was on my previous curve. The reason that I didn't upgrade to the 4.5 when I had my previous blackberry was because some of the functions that I was used to was missing and I didn't like that...

    My question is how can I get some functionality that I'm used to back? For example. In 4.2 when I missed a call it showed me who called and whose call I missed. It was shown with a red X next to the name. In 4.5 that's gone. All the names are tabulated in a list with no icons next to them... No icon indications for incoming, outgoing or missed calls. Another feature on the same list is that there is no time stamp on the names of the callers. So I dont know when they called or such. I'm also missing the feature where I can pull up the full menu and check their History to see what calls were made at what time and what's the status on the calls... that screen also used to list the duration of calls.

    I know. Quite a lengthy list of features... There's more.

    When I'm in a call my background changes to the default of the theme that I'm using... Not the wallpaper that I'd set for the theme. Is there some way to change that back? On 4.2 it used to be a plain white background with the bottom of the screen showing a partial of my assigned wallpaper. I'm using the same theme on both the 8310 and the 8330. The TMobile theme with the icons at the bottom...

    I'm using a 8330. OS Sprint.

    In order to get some of the features that I want can I switch to a different provider's OS? Please advise.

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    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you just need to change the options in your phone screen. Go to options > general. Then for phone list view switch from most used to most recent. I remember having to change that. 5.0 has what your talking about.

    As far as the background while in a call, that's theme controlled, so that's more of a 'find what you can stand' situation. =/ I have this blue gradient thing that seems to work alright. The only icons at the bottom are time, battery, messages, signal, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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