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I tried doing that fix, by deleting the messages by hooking up my computer--but I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    "unread messages" msg stuck on vodaphone "today" theme


    I tried doing that fix, by deleting the messages by hooking up my computer--but I didn't get the second part of it...and I can't find the fix by doing random searches.

    Was there a fix for this? Or am I stuck clearing it via security options?

    If anyone remembers, please help--it's getting annoying. Thanks!

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    Re: "unread messages" msg stuck on vodaphone "today" theme

    First thing to do is to go into Messages, hit the letter T to go to the top of the list, then click the Menu button and select Mark Prior Read. Note that in your General Options, you need to have Hide Filed Messages set to No, and have SMS and Email Inboxes set to Combined.

    If that doesn't fix it, try pulling the battery.

    If that doesn't work, you can try using Backup/Restore in Desktop Manager. Start it up, then click the [Advanced] button. Click Messages in the Right column, and then click the [<-] button to back up your email. When the backup is complete, click Messages again and hit the [Clear] button. This will erase all messages from the device. Now see if the unread indicator is still there. If it's not, restore the backup - this will put all the messages back on your device. If the unread message reappears, there's some kind of corruption in your Messages that can't be resolved and you'll have to either live with it or clear your Messages again.

    Once you've tried all that, if it still doesn't go away, you'll have to do a wipe.

    Good luck.

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