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my phone has a envelope at the top right with a 2 and a red ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    unread message indicator


    my phone has a envelope at the top right with a 2 and a red star, i rebooted the star left but the 2 and folder are still there, there are no new message in sms,email,missed calls, nothing... why wont it go away?

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    When you say you rebooted did that include a batttery pull?

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    I'd take another look at everything. It's probably there somewhere - msgs from your provider maybe. I've found that when this happens to me and I think it's nowhere to be found, it' there anyway...just waiting to be found.
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    Do you have any folders hidden? Check that first by pressing the BB menu button and then select Show All. Could be there.

    Otherwise, go into a Messages folder, press the BB menu button, scroll down to View Folder and select that. In there you will see a list of folders to check through.

    Hope this helps!


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