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**IMPORTANT** If you enter the wrong unlock code into any device 5 times, it becomes ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Unlock code


    **IMPORTANT** If you enter the wrong unlock code into any device 5 times, it becomes PERMANENTLY Locked to its original carrier!!! Be Careful
    When it comes to Unlocking your phone via a carriers customer service you have to be very calculated in what you are going to say, because they are reading from a rather lengthy script designed to have an answer for every objection. "A little birdy told me that if you use this, it works almost every time!" Call into cust serv from an alternate number (i.e. not your cell phone) and tell the rep that you are either "overseas" or "a family member is overseas", and that you need to add a roaming package to your phone, key is, already out of the country, at which point they will say they can't provision it, and your immediate response should be, well then how are we to use that phone in case of an emergency, (or something like that) at which point you ask if there is anyway the phone can be unlocked to be used with a local sim, most of the time this works, and remember, KEEP YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!!! Everything talked about in a call is notated permanently onto your account, so if you get transferred during the process the next rep will be reading the notes before you even talk to them! Hope it works for you all as well as it has for "the little birdy"
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    Re: Unlock code

    Got the unlock code in the email today. Took me about a minute to get it unlocked and her tmo sim in. Works perfectly.

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    Re: Unlock code

    Just for the record T-Mobile is very easy on giving out the unlock code,and does not give you any nonsense, but AT&T is terrible, I have even had the AT&T Rep deny they have the code's. Usually if you say you are going to Europe and want to use your phone in say Italy,they will eventually e-mail you the unlock code. Although I once had to ask,well how much is the cancellation fee, and say I understand T-Mobile gives better customer service.

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