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I had deleted the pre-loaded ringtones pack on my 8310, and then downloaded the pack ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Unable to edit SMS options in Profiles?


    I had deleted the pre-loaded ringtones pack on my 8310, and then downloaded the pack via a link from these forums so that I could manually place just the Notifier_Lightspeed tone on my phone, since that's the only preloaded tone I wanted.

    However, shortly after I did this, and set it as the tone for new SMS messages, I stopped being able to edit the SMS Text options for my profiles. I set it for my Messages, and same thing. SMS Text Messages in the Profile - Advanced - Edit are now 'unclickable' for me. Nothing comes up at all when I click them.

    I tried deleting the Lightspeed from my phone, figuring maybe it was causing problems, but it didn't seem to fix anything. I also did a hard reset by taking out the battery - still no luck. The phone just vibrates when I get texts, and I cant' get into the menu to edit it for any of my profiles.

    Anyone have any idea what's wrong/how I can fix it? The only thing I can think of is to completely reload the v4.5 OS, but I'd really like to avoid that.

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    Every time i have ever removed the pre-loaded ringtones I have had weird issues like you in profiles, sometimes losing the ability to edit certain fields, sometimes losing the ability to add custom ringers to my contacts. The only fix for me was to reload the OS and leave the pre-loaded tones intact. maybe someone else has had better luck or a solution for you....just sharing my experience.
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