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Using my cell phone as a local phone wherever I am in the world is ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Using my cell phone as a local phone wherever I am in the world is awesome. UMA is great.

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    UMA has been fantastic for me -- I'm on UMA at work, at home, in the library, at Panera, at friend's houses... Call quality on UMA is great, and web browsing, email, youtube, and download speeds are wonderful.

    It's also seamless, switching into UMA mode as soon as I'm in range of one of "my" access points, so it's virtually zero effort. As a result, I haven't yet missed 3G, and I don't have the kind of battery drain that I hear I would have with 3G.

    All in all, UMA is a great feature on this already great phone.

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    I love UMA! My 8900 is setup for UMA at home, my girlfriends house and my daughter's. Phone is set to prefer wi-fi over normal over-the-air cell operations. I've found UMA working in some pretty interesting locations, the latest at a Petsmart store in Concord, NH. Imagine that! Dogs on wi-fi!

    ~via smartphone

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    I do not have the feature that gives you unlimted minutes while using UMA but having UMA has still come in quite useful for me. I originally got the 8120 because the house I was living in at the time had crappy reception for T-Mobile and also while I am inside buildings at my college campus I had zero reception, but once I started using UMA that problem was solved.

    I noticed it disconnects on both my old 8120 and my new 8900 from time to time but for the most part its pretty solid.

    Also sometimes it will have a problem switching automatically back to EDGE when I leave a wifi area so I just started doing it manually, turning on wifi and turning off mobile network when I am at a wifi area and the opposite when I leave. Its more of a hassle but at least I know for sure that I have a signal.

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