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    Question UMA not working


    If anyone can point me in the right direction with this, i will be eternally grateful!

    Our company just purchased signed up with T-Mobile and I have received my BB 8320. When i go home, UMA works, in the office, Wi-fi works, UMA is a no go! I am using the cisco aironet 1231 and i recieve all the correct vlan setting, ip address, etc. When i run the diagnostic i get the w006.1 ISP or T-Mobile network error.

    I read an article this morning about an "Open DNS" servers "workaround". It stated that "When your T-Mobile phone boots, it tries to lookup "". If your phone can't successfully perform this lookup, it will not be able to connect via UMA period."

    Is that true, is my first question?

    Any troubleshooting steps or articles will be greatly appreciated!

    thx a lot!

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    I am not to sure if the above statement is correct or not. I know the device does connect up to T-mobile's UNC for UMA service to ensue. The long and short of it though is that on both the router you are using and the ISP the internet runs through you need to have Ports 500 and 4500 open and on some corporate networks 50 and 51 open as well. If those ports are not open it cannot connect to the UNC for voice (UMA) to work over WIFI.

    Also make sure that the system at work is set up for DHCP. DHCP needs to be enabled.

    Hope it helps.

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    I would also make sure that company's firewall isn't somehow blocking that site or the IP addy.

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