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this is something that has been happening to me for over a month, and now ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    uma and bluetooth conflict, anyone?


    this is something that has been happening to me for over a month, and now tech support is saying that it is supposed to happen, when i first got the 8320, i used the bluetooth and uma at the same time regularly, then about the 15th of last month i started having problems 1) maintaining uma connection both at home and in a hotspot i never had problems with before, and 2) if i used the bluetooth on uma, the call would connect, but i couldn't hear anything, then after about 10-15 seconds, the phone goes to "call failed" every time and then it drops uma. i have wiped and reloaded my curve, tried numerous headsets, the samsung 200, the plantronics 665, and the motorola s9, among others. the uma generally works like it is supposed to when i keep the bluetooth off, but the call fail problem has never ceased. on the 24th of november i called in and the tech spent about 2 hours going through every step that we could think of, he said he would call me back the next day to see if what we did solved the problem if not, he said he would do a warranty exchange, he never called, i kept putting off the call back, but today i had the day off, so i thought i would tackle the process. i had heard through this forum that uma has been having problems since the flood in the northwest, but as a t-mobile rep, they hadn't told us anything about the difficulty. however, when i called they said that the bluetooth problem has been known for some time now and that it is a conflict between the frequencies that bluetooths and uma uses. they said that i would experience a "degradation of reception" when using a bluetooth headset. they would not respond to the fact that i had no problems the first month and a half when using both, or that i was just flat out not able to make a call when using both. at first they were not even going to do an exchange, but they finally gave in. anyone have any experience with this, and what, if anything, were you able to do to solve it?

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    Re: uma and bluetooth conflict, anyone?

    Yes. There is a known freq overlap between BT and the router freqs used for wifi. Did you try and change the router freq as if it was on auto, your router may have jumped to a freq causing interference where none was before? That is what I would recommend you do, as it worked before and there is no guarantee that it will work again, even with a different device as all transcievers have a certain amount of spurious transmissions that can overlap, and a small amount that is acceptable by FCC standards. ~via BB (

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