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\ Originally Posted by N8DBB TSU Alumn isn't Tenn State Uni is it? Its Towson ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: UGH. Work Won't Link to Email


    Quote Originally Posted by N8DBB View Post
    TSU Alumn isn't Tenn State Uni is it?
    Its Towson State as it was known in the olden days -- now it is just Towson University just north of Baltimore, MD.

    Thanks Gary -- I believe mine has the thing you mentioned as well. I got my Blackberry for Dummies today . . . I hope to feel less stupid soon.


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    Re: UGH. Work Won't Link to Email

    when they said they don't support it means they are not authorized to put the required IT Policies on the phone to grant it access to the companies BES.

    Quote Originally Posted by TSUalum93 View Post
    I am a remote employee and really liked the idea of getting a BB so I can check my emails out on the road. I called IT this morning and was informed that they do not support non company issued BB. The guy knows me and was very nice and apologetic. He did tell me I can use the browser for webmail which I have figured out how to do but entering in my information is going to be a huge pain.

    Any tips, tricks or suggestions? I seem to recall reading somewhere here that there is a program I can download to save passwords.

    The one good thing I guess is I will save $20 a month as I will not have to upgrade my plan for another $20 but I expense my cell phone monthly anyway and had the money in my monthly budget to cover this.

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place.

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