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lhfas ojkhhi woh vsf... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    lhfas ojkhhi woh vsf
    phatman the phat stacker!

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    Typing Without Looking...

    I ain't even gonna lie, I do this all the time while driving! I mess up here and there, but whoever the text goes to knows exactly what im talking about! Plus i've entered extra text correction to help me out also. I've been using the full keyboard for quite some time now. I went using the 8700 for almost 2yrs straight into the Curve which is the Love of my Life. I wouldn't trade this phone for anything! And thats my story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grymtyrant@msn. View Post
    ~via BB (

    Heck just get vlingo if you want to be a safer driver
    Vlingo is not safer. I type without looking at the keyboard. Only time I usually look is when using symbols that I don't regularly use.

    Half the time I don't even read the screen when sending messages on the road. I check what they said and respond with my eyes on the road. Sure my hands aren't on the steerwheel but hey. My knee is

    With vlingo it makes enough misstakes that I find it faster to type it then go through all the misstakes and fix em also it means ill have to read my message after instead of just pressing send.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamelwithak View Post
    Lol haha I love this post I type all the time without looking makes me a saferdriver lol~via BB (
    Hahaha, two hands on the blackberry, no hands on the steeering wheel! Not that I endorse that!

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    I can't type 100% without looking at they keyboard, but I never have to actually look at the keys, I just glance at it every once in a while if I have to ALT+Key or pick a symbol or something. I myspace/facebook/email/txt/IM a lot and I think constantly doing that for a few months is why I don't have to look at the keys.

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    Funny thing for me is I can type better and faster on my curve than a regular desktop or laptop computer. Go figure ~ via BB (

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    I have a 3 hr drive today. I will experiment, bb in one hand, jawbone on ear (so I wouldn't be breaking the states handfree law)knee on wheel,starbucks in other hand. Oh must set SB down to answer bbm w/o looking at keys.I can do it. Just need alittle practice! .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbrown712 View Post

    I find it would be a lot easier if the keys would stop moving around. I know I typed an 'a' but the screen shows a 's'.
    Yes, with some errors still is done.

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