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Hey Stackers, I am carrying an 8320 and I figured under options and about provides ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Trouble loading desktop manager on my Windows XP????


    Hey Stackers,

    I am carrying an 8320 and I figured under options and about provides me with the proper version of desktop software v. (platform that I should download from

    Well I successfully downloaded the software from the website but when I try to load the program it first asks for my password I enabled on to my device which I enter and then nothing happens, nothing.

    Has this occur to anyone else? I am so fustrated because everytime I select the program to open, nothing happens.

    I have no idea whats going on. I even tried redownloading the software.
    same thing.

    Please respond

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    Are you talking about the Desktop Manager software, or are you looking that info up from your device? My version of the desktop manager is, and according to TMO's site, the latest OS version for the curve is

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    Sounds like you have installed your handheld software on your desktop. Thats ok cause you will most likely need it anyway. Click on my blog for a link to Desktop Manager 4.3 from RIM.
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