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After having my perl for just a month 8100 I decided to go for the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Traded in 8100 for a Curve 8310


    After having my perl for just a month 8100 I decided to go for the 8310 for one thing Built in GPS and i think txting to my daughter will be easyer with the full key board. I was getting use to the double tap but I dont think my wife would care to much for that. I want her to have fun not get frustrated. and i want her to like or love the BB as much as i do. We just got back home from our trip to the big city and already like the feel of the 8310. Ill miss the Colored light show i had with my 8100 but think the sacrafice was well worth it. simple littel trick and they really should have that in all BB with scroll wheel. anyway time will tell.

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    wise move IMO. I had both the 8100 and the 8300 and I like my Curve WAY better!

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    Congrats on the upgrade. Ill take QWERTY any day.

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