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Well it seems like I read a lot of problems on here with frustrated people ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Trackball trouble


    Well it seems like I read a lot of problems on here with frustrated people so I decided to post a good story. I had trouble with my track ball (not responding to click). Took it to AT&T they said "Well that can happen sometimes, lets get you a new phone." and they overnighted me a new one. No Problem... nice when things work that way. FedEx even delivered on time...very rare around here.

    I just switched devices in the DM and I am good to go.

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    Good to hear everything worked out. I just went through the same deal with T-Mobile and got a replacement. I also ordered a new trackball "just in case". I like the trackball and it's a big step over the thumbwheel, but perhaps RIM didn't think about us "power users" when considering the usable life of the trackball.
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    My trackball also feels very loose and noisy when rolled compared to the 8800's I have tried. Is that normal for all 8310 devices or did I just get a faulty one?

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