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Dang! That sucks! My kids 3 and 4 also play with my phone, but I ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Toddler+Sink+Berry=BADNESS!!


    Dang! That sucks! My kids 3 and 4 also play with my phone, but I watch them like a hawk (difference being, my kids can actuall play the games! LOL!)....

    Hows the phone doing now? My hubby dropped his 8800 in the pool....he text me after he did it to ask what he should do! I told him to take out the battery....well it was out for about three or four hours (120F summer)...we popped in the battery and started it up...after running for a bit, it was perfectly fine!
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    Re: Toddler+Sink+Berry=BADNESS!!

    Yeah let it dry for a while I had that problem and letting it dry will let you know what the real damage is. I've never heard of the rice in the ziplock bag but hey I'd be willing to do anything to get my phone working again. Now I would love too see someone say they licked there phone and that's why it shows water damage lol I would die laughing! With all there crackberry addicts someone probably has already lol. ~via BB (

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    Re: Toddler+Sink+Berry=BADNESS!!

    Does having insurance on your phone cover water damage? I had a customer service rep for T-Mobile tell me that I could drop mine in a bucket of paint and they would replace it as long as I had insurance. Not that I have it on mine...
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    Re: Toddler+Sink+Berry=BADNESS!!

    It usually doesn't. I got slapped 2 years ago ($100) because a 7105t sweat in route back to T-Mobile when the original issue was a broken USB port.

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    Re: Toddler+Sink+Berry=BADNESS!!

    If you have insurance obviosly a 110 deductible gets you a new phone. If there are no red dots on the back of your phone, warranty replacement will take care of you for free. If I were you, take it to a store and have a rep look at it. (Don't say it got dropped in water) just tell them its having issues. The first thing they do is rip the battery out and check for water damage. if they clear it, have them get you in contact with cust service for a warranty exchange and you're set! any questions please let me know.
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    Re: Toddler+Sink+Berry=BADNESS!!

    Okay, here's the update.

    Yesterday morning, after letting it "dry out" the entire night before, it was working okay. The "pearl" button would freak out and it would constantly launch the calendar app, even when the keypad was locked. Weird. So, my battery died that evening, so Put it on the charger and tried to text someone. It kind of freaked out on me. When I would push the pearl, it would act like I pushed it three or four times. I had, no joke, at least 30 saved drafts that it created on its own.

    So I gave up for the evening, and put it on the charger and ignored it.

    Flash forward to this AM. NOTHING on the keyboard will respond, except rolling the trackball. I kept getting stuck on apps, with no way out. I did about 4 battery pulls. Finally, I decided that it was royally screwed and that I would just take it in to t-mobile.

    Of course, when I get there, it works perfectly and has since.

    So, either the water created a little gnome living in my phone who likes to eff with me, or I'm going to have to deal with a hit or miss phone. Since the girls at the store couldn't replicate what was happening, they told me to call tech support when it does it again. Yay, just what I want to do.

    So, there you have it, the ongoing saga of the toddlersinkmonster.

    Oh, and just so you know WHY I let this little girl play with my phone, look at this!

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