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Here's the deal. I am using an unlocked 8310 from ATT on tmobile but it ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question tmobile has bookmarked ota link for aim?


    Here's the deal.

    I am using an unlocked 8310 from ATT on tmobile but it does not have AIM. I want to download aim but i don't have the ota link.

    the t-mobile blackberry should have an ota download link in your bookmarks.

    Can someone please check the bookmark and post the link here?
    1. Launch the web browser from your device home screen
    2. If you are on the Bookmarks page, then skip to step 4
    3. If you are not at the Bookmarks page, hit the menu button and select Bookmarks
    4. Highlight the bookmark titled "Install Instant Messenger" in the Links Folder
    5. Hit the menu button and select "copy bookmark"
    6. Switch applications and open up something where you can paste the bookmark, such as a new email message.
    7. Please post the address here. Thanks.

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    From my Mini Version Tracker list:
    AIM (RIM): 1.1.13 - OTA (IM) [v2.0 avail for 8130/8830]
    I'm on AT&T and usually can't get far enough to get the version info, so if it's newer, let me know!

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