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Originally Posted by jaesternbach ~via BB ( I have found that, although we can make ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaesternbach View Post
    ~via BB ( I have found that, although we can make calls over UMA it's not very dependable. I'll frequently be kicked from uma to wifi and back again. I don't trust making calls over UMA, as it never really stays connected.
    Hope you guys can get the minutes discharged from your bill.
    Have not had any problems having calls staying connected to UMA when I'm at home, work or friends home with Wi-Fi. This with the original Os on my 8320 though to .124.

    Uma works for me inside or outside of my home and hand off to Edge is good as well (works like it's suppose to).

    So for me at least 90% of my phone calls are UMA, about the only time their not, is when I'm in my car/bike/shopping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersauce View Post
    You should be able to see a pink dot and pink reception bars instead of showing edge it should say uma. If that all is showing then you need to call customer care to adjust the charges.

    ~via BB (
    I'm not seeing this anymore on my 8120. Do I need to re-add the WEP key from my router back onto my phone and try again? It worked when I first set it up (with my AT&T router after I switched my home internet access service to AT&T) but not anymore.

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