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Hey Archer6 - I'm new to Blackberry and this forum and would greatly appreciate your ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: this is getting wierd


    Hey Archer6 - I'm new to Blackberry and this forum and would greatly appreciate your expertise!
    Do you need a 3rd party app to sync your full Outlook (email, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts)? Can you sync all these things wirelessly? Can this all be done through MS Exchange ActiveSync and thus be 'pushed'?

    Quote Originally Posted by archer6
    Are you speaking of your Curve, or what you've read of others issues?

    I have two 8300 Curve models, and both are operating perfectly.

    I've had my unlocked O2 Curve for a month now and it's stellar.

    I've been using it as my work & personal BB everyday. I process between 20 - 40 emails per day, I've used it for internet based communications, as well as having it setup for my 6 different email accounts and could not be happier. In fact that's why I bought a second one when AT&T began selling them. Now I have one to experiment with 3rd party apps and other sorts of fun things. My O2 & AT&T both sync perfectly with Outlook 2003, where I store 3,500 contacts, my calendar, tasks, and notes. I use every feature included on the 8300 and the performance is fast, secure and reliable.

    While my AT&T Curve is newer, nonetheless after purchasing it on the very day they were released, I have used it alternately along with the other and can say that I've purposely put as much time on it a fast as I can to insure that it too is operating properly and reliably. When I put them side by side they both have great build quality, no creaking or looseness, and no faults whatsoever.

    So I think the key to remember is if you are seeing complaints from others, in some cases I'm sure they are valid. This is, after all a mass produced product and they cannot all be perfect. In addition not everyone has read the material, learned how to operate the device properly and thus user error may be an issue in some cases.


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    Re: this is getting wierd

    ~via BB ( on my second curve. Had issues with the device resetting and freezing with the first one.

    Second one seems better but I do have to restart quite a bit. Didn't have to resart my 8700, 7290 & 7100 nearly as much as the curve. But I stll like the device a lot and would recommend it since RIM's been pretty reliable on releasing new rom's to fix issues.

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