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I have a Blackberry 8350i. Out of the box I was able to access the ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    This is a Wi-Fi service.


    I have a Blackberry 8350i. Out of the box I was able to access the internet via the Nextel network. Although slow, it happened. Then I set up a wi-fi connection for work. Performance was vastly improved. Now returning to a non wi-fi environment, when I try to load a URL, I get a message "This is a Wi-Fi service. Please be sure your device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again."

    The message doesn't go away when I:
    1. Turn off Wi-Fi
    2. Delete all caches
    3. Turn off and on phone

    I thought conncection was possible via whatever network was available.

    I tried to change the browser setting but my only option is Hotspot Browser.

    Any suggestions?

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    could be a few things start if you already did a battery pull then resend your service books

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    When you are in your browser and you have left the wifi/hotspot zone, hit the blackberry menu button and you should see an option that says "start blackberry connection". Pick that and see if you can get your browser going again. You are manually toggling your browser from the wifi back to your carrier's connection when you do this.
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    In options advanced options find browser.
    I have a GSM device and my settings are:
    Default browser config: Internet Browser
    Defualt MDS browser config: Internet browser
    Default Wap config: is whatever your is set to

    Hotspot browser= only allow browsing with wifi
    Blackberry Browser= only bb internet service browsing
    Internet Browser= is the best connection between the two

    This is just my understanding of it, if I'm wrong correct me
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    If you haven't resolved this, try:
    Options--advanced options--host routing table--when you see the iden tables hit--menu (bb button)--register now.
    Now you can go back and change your browser from hotspot to whatever. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks bbtoys, It worked for me!

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