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I got this message this AM. It says the issue is likely caused by a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    This email account no longer accessable by your BB


    I got this message this AM. It says the issue is likely caused by a recent change to the password used to access the account. I went into BIS and reactivated it and it is working now. My question is- has anyone else seen this? My email account has been setup for years and there has never been a password change. Is this common and something I will have to continue dealing with?

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    i received a similar message when I had forgotten to pay my business account from yahoo and they deactivated the services, therefore unable to reach the inbox on the server...

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    ~via BB ( Yes I saw this about a week ago when I got an email about it on my BB. All I had to do was revalidate the account. This was after I changed the account password.

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    Hey how you doin'? You know this happened to me not so long ago. You know, you have to resend your service books. That is after you delete all email accounts that are giving you hell you know what I mean. Then baddabing! It should all fixed you know? Maron
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    I had recieved the same message. I logged into BIS and revalidated it. took one minute. Im not sure why I got the message, because i havent changed my password at all.

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