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I just got a 8120, and that is the best suretype blackberry on the market...thou ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Thinking up getting a 2nd new blackberry


    I just got a 8120, and that is the best suretype blackberry on the market...thou I am looking for a companion for this phone.

    I am looking for a full keyboard phone. I found that the 8320 is really hard to type on, and wondering what you guys thought about the 8320 and the 8820?

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    Well I have the 8830, and I find it really easy to type on. I have had a suretype bb and I like that too, but I also see why you would want to have a QWERTY bb. Just my thoughts on the matter...

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    Ive had both, and I must say I like this Curve MUCH more than the 81xx series.

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    I second what Chatster18 stated. I have had the 8130 and now use the 8830 and have had no problems typing on it. The best thing to do is go into the store and play around with both to get a feel of which one you would prefer. Also keep in mind the 8800 series does not have a camera and is a little bigger than the 8300 series BB's among other things.

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    Pearl is smaller I have been using mybBlack 8820 and I love it

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    ~via BB ( I agree that going into the store and trying them out first, is the cheapest and smartest way. I absolutely love my curve's keypad but hated the 88xx series pad, it just doesn't bring that tactile feedback that's needed. But, check it out for yourself and see what works best for you...I will say, the 88xx series keypad does have better grip on each key and I do believe every key is a little bigger. Hope this helps out and that you find a bb to fit your needs.

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    I feel like getting the Pearl 8120. I played around with the Pearl 8120 in the T-Mobile store and fell in love with the keyboard on the 8120. ~via BB (

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    i like the pearl and the curve. i like the size of the pearl but i also like the qwerty keyboard of the curve both have there advantages it just depends on whats right for you. like everyone said just go into a store and try them both out and see what suits you better

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    I ordered the 8120, got it in yesterday and then sent it back today (mostly because of the loose battery cover). When the pearl was on its way here, I went to the t-mobile store and handled both the pearl and the curve side by side. There was something about the curve that just felt right in my hand. I started second guessing my decision to save a hundred bucks by going with the pearl. If it wasn't for the loose battery door, I would have kept the pearl for a little longer before sending it back. I guess I am also using that as an excuse to try out the curve which I was initially more attracted to.

    I still really like the pearl, and if I find that I am not liking the curve within the 14 day return period I will exchange it for the 8120 again, and this time I will cross my fingers that I don't get a loose door.

    I'd get the pearl again, unless of course something new comes out that I can get a deal on before then, but that is doubtful.

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