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I have a photo that I would like to make as the theme for my ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    I have a photo that I would like to make as the theme for my homepage. When I set it as home screen image it does not fill up the entire screen. I can still see the at&t active behind it. Is there a way to see only the picture I want, full screen on my homepage?

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    Re: Thems/wallpaper

    The correct screes sizing for pictures should be 320x240 and that will fill the screen. Having said that some themes will automatically cut the image in certain ways to have the providers logo, taskbar, or whatever visible on the screen and there is no way around that if using their theme. The only way would be to choose another theme (possibly from another vendor) or create your own custom theme.

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    Re: Thems/wallpaper

    If u are using the stock ATT theme, you wont' be able to get a picture to be full screen... that theme has a border around the screen -

    Change your theme -> Options -> Theme... and if you pic is sized as 320x240 it will then be a full screen image for u

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