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lol got lucky there, diet coke is some pretty evil stuff ;-P... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: The Curve is Waterproof!!! (almost)


    lol got lucky there, diet coke is some pretty evil stuff ;-P

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    I guess I'll join the ranks here. I dropped my 8100 in the toilet last night. Pulled it out and ripped the battery out as quickly as I could. (Which I assumed would not be quick enough.) Disassembled it with a t-6 and turned the oven on it's lowest setting. I let the oven heat up and then turned it off and placed the phone parts on a plate and left them in there for about 15 minutes. When I first assembled it, it gave me some trouble so I took back apart and waited until morning. Reassembled it and presto! Fully functional.

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    Lightbulb My Curve went for a dip too...

    My Curve went flying across a parking lot last week and face down into a puddle. I picked up the battery...battery door...and the rest of the unit and got into the car. Left the battery out and turned on the heater fan on low heat, high fan.

    After a while when it 'seemed' dry, I tapped it on my leg and water came from every I tapped a little more...dried a little more...and kept driving.

    When I got home, I grabbed my wife's hair dryer - on the lowest heat setting (basically no heat) and the high fan setting and I went to work with the battery door off...for about 10 minutes or so of drying time...while I read the various postings on here and searching "drying out my bb"...

    After a few hours of letting it sit...I put the battery back in and held my breath. All was good! The only signs of a 'swim' was a little space bar acting up (hit it and it wouldn't space)...and water drop stains on the inside of the lens cover. Space bar is working better now and I picked up a T5 (well...the whole set) yesterday...took it apart and got rid of the water stains.

    Needless to say - I need a new holster for my bb...can't let these things happen again!

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    Heres a good one

    I was at a Starbucks and this guy was yammering away about his new Curve to the girl he was sitting with. He was showing her all the options and was quite obviously delighted with his new aquisition. Then he got a call. She quickly handed it to him and he answered the call. He began loud talking and letting everyone know he was some very important mogul and when he went to take a sip from his coffee (which had no lid), there went the Curve, out of his hand and, PLOP, right in his hot coffee cup. I almost sprayed my girlfriend with the Latte I had just taken a sip from. It was priceless.

    Must agree with the durability of Blackberrys. I have an 8700 and I set it on top of the Porsche when I was getting gas. I was blabbing away with my Bluetooth earpiece and like an idiot just jumped into the car and kept on blabbing. With the phone just above my head out side the car and free of a wire to jolt my memory as to the actual location of the phone, I left the gas station. The car is a Porsche Turbo S and it feels great when you drop the clutch and slam the gas to the floor. The phone didn't find it so amusing and jumped of the roof, bounced off the rear spoiler taking a nice chunk of paint with it, and landed in the road. The E-Grips work well but not against the Turbo! I could not here the thump over the engine comotion but the call suddenly dropped and I realized my bonehead move. I spun the car around and saw the little square thing on the street in the other lane with a car approaching. The car passed without crushing it and when I pulled up to it and opened my door to scoop up the mess, it was rigging. I answered it and it was my girlfriend who was yelling at me for hanging up on her!!

    Blackberrys are tough!

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    Wow, you're lucky and that was an amazing story. = )
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    Quote Originally Posted by far2hip View Post
    Blackberrys are tough!
    Not only them... I would say also GF. ;P

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