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Squ===you cant scroll "up sideways" to get up to the speaker??? I use TMO zen ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Text Ringtone


    Squ===you cant scroll "up sideways" to get up to the speaker??? I use TMO zen all the time and that's how I would do it. Scroll "Up-sideways" toward the speaker, and bam, the "sector" would hop up there.
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    Re: Text Ringtone

    Quote Originally Posted by squeakr View Post
    Not always true on being scrollable to on the home screen, as if you are using something like the T-Mo Zen, then you must hit the menu button to pull up the other screen with all of the available app icons. I am using the T-Mo Zen home screen with the MyFaves icons visible and although the profile icon is there it is just to tell the currently active profile as there is no way for me to scroll to it (I used to be able to on my Pearl, but that was with AT$T and no MyFaves) with the Curve, the cursor just will not go to it (I have to diasble dialing from home screen and use the f shortcut key).
    As i noted in my post, dialing from home screen has to be disabled...

    Maybe TMo is different, but i have yet to come across a theme that doesn't allow access to the Profiles

    and, by home screen, i meant the screen with all the apps that he/she appears to be using - the post noted not finding it from the apps screen (maybe i should have said apps screen)

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    Re: Text Ringtone

    Nope, on the T-Mo Zen home screen with the Myfaves icons active (so they are in the middle of the screen and 5 app icons on the bottom of the screen), there is no possible way on my device to scroll to the profile setting (from the apps screen the profile settings can be scrolled to but no the home screen. When i scroll up it goes into the MyFaves isons and when scrolling up and to the side it only rotates the Myfaves Icons.
    I do have the dialing from home screen option off and use the f shortcut (have been doing it this way since I got the device as I like the shortcuts better). I understand what you were saying, I was just clarifying that not all themes allow this (as I stated earlier I cannot scroll there from the home screen but can from the apps screen) as not all new users know the difference and wehn someone says home screen if they have one such as the T-Mo Zen the home screen doesn't have all of the apps one it (just the five or six at the bottom (depending on which T-Mo Zen they are using).

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