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I have 3 lines, all on a family plan. Is there anyway I can see ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    I have 3 lines, all on a family plan. Is there anyway I can see the Inbox or Outbox of text's by line, or is it strictly by device only? We have T-Mobile..

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    I believe that texts are associated with each sim card. So I think that you are asking if you can view other text messages on the other lines. I don't think that you can do that, especially on seperate devices. I know that I can't with 4 lines on 4 different devices.

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    I think what you are saying is you have multiple phone numbers tied to the one blackberry, can I separate the SMS messages by line/telephone number. With the blackberry integrated software itself, the answer is now. However a third part application MAY be able to do this. I've heard of two lines on a BB but 3? Wow!

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