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Originally Posted by CrazEtooN Everyone is entitled their own opinion, but I still can't help ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazEtooN View Post
    Everyone is entitled their own opinion, but I still can't help myself from chiming in...
    Very well written. The iPhone DOES straight out beat the Curve in some aspects, but those aspects are the ones I can live without. The Blackberry on the other hand..

    Then again, this is a Blackberry forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazEtooN View Post
    Everyone is entitled their own opinion, but I still can't help myself from chiming in...

    The iPhone doesn't support any third party apps legally yet, and won't until roughly June when firmware 2.0 is released. So how exactly is that a valid point in the comparison? There are thousands of apps legally available to download to BlackBerry phones of all sorts right now and all the iPhone has is speculation. Jailbreaking an iPhone is not something the average user will do, and the things that come from that Jailbreak can't truly be used in comparison. Even with them however, I am sure there is a BlackBerry app available to counter or match almost every iPhone app available for a jailbroken phone.

    BlackBerry phones also have access to Google Maps with the same "my location" feature. The 8310 doesn't need it though, it has real GPS.

    OS 4.5 which should be released very soon gives BlackBerrys the ability to view streaming YouTube too.

    The web is a sight to behold on the iPhone, that is definitely true. It renders the full blown web on 95% of the pages you visit, that is true too. The downfall is that it does it over EDGE. I can use Opera Mini on my BlackBerry to have a viewing experience very much on par with the iPhone, and it will do it faster because of how they work through proxies. Go visit a site like from the iPhone and watch how long it takes to load everything over EDGE. I will take mobile optimization over those waits any day of the week.

    I can't argue the multimedia aspects, but the Curve is no slouch either. It plays videos that are properly converted very well, and more than gets the job done while I wait on my car to get fixed, or wait on a flight. The MP3 player works great too. The problem with the iPhone however is that it is locked to iTunes and iTunes/iPod formatted music. Sure, use the wireless iTunes store to download a bunch of songs, but now they are only good for use with Apple products unless you go through the hassle of burning them all to a CD and then re-ripping them back to MP3 format on your PC.

    There is also the fact that you can't make ANY changes to your playlists, videos, or photos from the phone itself. The only photos that can be deleted are those in the camera album, but as soon as you sync to iTunes and organize them, you can't do anything with them in regards to deletion until the next time you sync. You are literally TIED to your desktop iTunes app to do any and EVERYTHING on the phone.

    Your email will screw up on you at least once a week as well. Without fail, you will go for hours and not get a single message, only to manually check and find 15 new emails waiting for you, some of them may have even been sitting there for 5 hours. This really sucks when it is an important email that required a quick response. Call At&t about it and they will blame Apple, call Apple and they will blame At&t. As a matter of fact, go to the official Apple forums and see how many people have these problems and how they continue to go unresolved.

    Like you, I too felt the bite of the iPhone. I had a Curve and swapped for an iPhone after the temptation got too hard to resist. At first I thought it was the best and coolest thing since sliced bread, only to slowly have problems creep up. First was the mail issue, next was the lack of MMS, after that the keyboard started to irritate me, followed by my anger at not being able to edit my stuff from the phone, soon followed by my disbelief that I couldn't save photo attachments to the phone from my emails, and then I got hit by the fact that each email you send is only allowed ONE attachment. Do you know how irritating it is to want/need to send 5-10 pictures while you are on the go and to do it, you have to send 5-10 separate emails?

    The phone isn't nearly as stable as you think. You will find yourself restarting it more than you ever did your BlackBerry after the first month.

    Mark my words, you will love the phone for the first month, find things you don't like after the second, and by the 6th, you will be thinking about coming back to a BlackBerry. The iPhone is AMAZING until the novelty wears off and you realize that outside of a slick GUI and touch interface, it can't do anything different than a million other phones, and most of those other phones actually do it better. One other thing, how in the world does a phone that is toted as the best thing for viewing the internet on the go NOT include cut and paste? Also, where is my task manager, and why can't I enter phone numbers into the calendar and actually just click on them to call them?

    Again, you truly are entitled to your opinion, and I hope your elation actually lasts, but I don't see it happening.

    One LAST thing. If you really are that interested in the nonexistent, but due to come eventually 3rd party apps for the iPhone, you may want to understand just how much control Apple is exercising over their creation, use, and distribution. The only way to get them is through the iTunes App store, and only those that Apple approves will ever be available. Here is a link to some info about just a "few" of the restrictions Apple has in place for their creation:
    Well Done

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    BLACKBERRY RULES, and the Iphone, well you know...

    There is NO contest here!!! When i think of Iphone, i think of all the problems i've heard about it. AND there is only one iphone.

    BUT, when you think of Blackberry, you think of ALL the possibilities there are with these wonderfully crafted devices.

    No too long after Apple launched the IPhone, they posted an upgrade to its software!! That totally blows chunks, BIG TIME!!!

    When Blackberrys come out, it takes a LONG time to upgrade their software, cos there is so much you can do with it already.

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