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I just got my new 8900 from Amazon ($50 after MIR). Now, I need to ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Switching to my new 8900


    I just got my new 8900 from Amazon ($50 after MIR). Now, I need to move everything over to the new phone on the new provider. My old phone is an 8310 from AT&T. If I use the Switch Device Wizard does that copy over all of my PIN "friends" and other info? Will it cause issues with the different OS versions and provider tweaks? I read the instructions on the Switch Device Wizard, but these question seem to be left out.

    Advice, please.

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    I would go ahead and use the switch device wizard. Just be careful to not transfer themes and check out compatibility of 3rd party apps as well. It should go fine, but if things seem to have not transferred well it's easy enough to wipe to factory via the security options and then add things manually or individually if needed.
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    You can also transfer items one at a time from your old device. First you will need to create a backup file for the 8310.

    Then when you go to the Advanced part of the Backup/Restore and open up your 8310's backup file while having the new device connected via USB you can use the arrow to select parts of the old device's content - address book, certain 3rd party app data, etc. - and move them to the new device.
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