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Hey gyus, my t-mobile shadow kind of died on me, and since I don't have ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Switching from WinMo to Blackberry!


    Hey gyus, my t-mobile shadow kind of died on me, and since I don't have insurancee, I Have to use my sister's old blackberry curve 8320.

    Now,I'm complety new to blackberry's and honestly don't know where to start.

    Currently, I'm installing the latest blackberry operating system, which is
    (8320EastAsia_PBr4.5.0_rel174_PL2.7.0.92_A4.5.0.12 4_Indosat.exe)

    ..but after this, I have no idea what to do.
    Where would I get some AWESOME apps and games?

    ps: just finished downloadeding desktop manager 4.6.
    I will post back when I install the latest blackberry OS on my phone.

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    Hey, welcome. Be sure to delete the vendor xml file from this 4.5 OS since its not TMO.
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    ask me
    For apps a good place to start is JerrysD mini tracker, go to blogs section and take a look in there

    Wellcome to pinstack and blackberry world
    Have fun
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    sorry no
    You can find all sorts of cool apps and themes right here at the stacks.Not to mention the great tips and help from a whole bunch of great people.I see chokem has already started to do his best to help you.I've found the people here to be kind,helpful,generous with their talents,and basically wonderfull to me.So wecome and enjoy this great comunity.
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    Welcome to the stacks n the bb world..
    I agree wit bill16, this site is a gr8 place to start.
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