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Well.. when the 8320 came out, I picked it up the first week and signed ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Stuck paying retail for the Curve 8900


    Well.. when the 8320 came out, I picked it up the first week and signed up for the 2-yr contract.

    Today, I wanted to pick up the 8900 but was told that since I'm not eligible for an upgrade yet, I'd be stuck paying $429.. which is quite a hefty =\

    So, I still have till August till I can use my T-mobile upgrade but I'm not sure I can wait that long, haha. I already have a case and screen protector for it too + the black bezel to replace on the original device.

    I'd just like to hear some things that you guys went through to get your device for T-mobile.

    Maybe craigslist? payment plan? hook-up?

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    Call tmo customer service. I've heard of others having more luck with going about it that way. For me, I was able to call (I did have to call 3 times until I got the answer I wanted) and get the full discounted price. I still had 8 months or so to go on my contract.

    Just call, and don't give up when the first person tells you no! If you need to, tell them you could switch to Verizon!
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    I ran into that same problem when I went to get my 8900 but we were finally after a few calls to customer care and me signing up for the home phone service I was able to get 2 new curves at the upgraded price and it also helped that since when I originally signed up for tmo I had an unlocked 8310 that I used so I never actually got a phone through tmo.

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    I ran into the same problem with the when the 8320 came out and ended up paying $449. for it.

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    I was in a similar situation. However, I had 3 lines on my account, mines personally wasn't eligible for an upgrade but another line was. My upgrade is in Dec of 09. Since that person wasn't going to upgrade I use theirs and the price was cut to $300 but then I went further. I spoke with a Tmo Rep and she told me I was eligible for a repayment plan. I think it was called Equipment Payment Plan. Which the payment is broken down and charge on your monthly bill over a few months. So I ended up walking out the store paying only $93 and have 3 payments of $77 for the next three months. But I will pay it off before then. I just wanted to get the phone right now. So you can inquire about that plan and see if it's avail for you.

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    rand0m, i was in the exact same situation as you. the guy at the t-mobile store told me to call and try one of the phone people.

    i called and told them it would cost me $200 to cancel my contract and then i could get the phone for $199 which would be cheaper than paying full retail like they wanted me to. since i've been with them since 2002, they let me extend my contract then and get the full rebate. matter of fact, i got it for $179, not the $199 the website says.

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    I may have to wait for Curve III

    I am in the same situation, but then I got word of the Curve III coming out later this year with 3G. I may have to wait this time. I was early with the Pearl, and then with the Curve, but I've spent a lot of money upgrading, been with TMo since 2001. I may just have to wait this time,
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    I'm gonna have to wait until March 2010 (13 months away) to get any upgrade since I just used my 2 year upgrade last May. That's IF I don't decide to jump ship when the time comes LOL

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