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When you upgrade will it knock you off the BES?... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    When you upgrade will it knock you off the BES?

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    I am running on my sprint 8330 right now..Whenever the offical 4.5 os comes out, do I have to delete DM 4.3 on my laptop or will it overwrite the existing os. Also, will my themes and apps still work if I make the switch???
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    Desktop Manager 4.3 will work to install OS 4.5 no worries on that front.

    most of the themes and apps will work. I'm using 4.5 right now (not sprints) and everything seems to be working fine for me. it will of course be more compatible if you can get your themes made for 4.5 but I'm pretty sure that 4.3 themes will transfer.
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    Okay more questions. So this new 4.5 release. What is the latest version and can someone provide a download/instructions links? Also, does 4.5 upgrade so we have MMS, HTML emails, and the addition upgrade for doc editors?~via BB (

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    No MMS, this is not the official release from Sprint. Search the forum and you will see that Sprint should have an official release later this month or so. Next, Docs to go is only a basic version to view. You cant create. Again, search forum and you will see some tricks that other have posted to be able to do this without buying a premium version. Lastly, there are TONS on how to install posts. Just look around and do some research.
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