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Hello all. I just bought a blackberry curve 8320. It seems as if many people ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Specific BB Curve 8320 You TUBE/Video/Converter questions


    Hello all. I just bought a blackberry curve 8320. It seems as if many people on this site talk about 8300's or 8800's and it seems to create a bit of confusion for me regarding what to do for the use of converters, movytv, and you tube access. I have some specific questions which I will list numerically for ease. Please advise and respond to each question. THANKS ALL!!!!

    1- I would LOVE to access you tube. It seems as if us curve/blackberry users cannot. I read that other thread here to copy and paste a you tube "something" into a web site called This site is NOT working. Are there ANY ways to access you tube videos. I would prefer to stream like the i fone...but if I can "mickey mouse" the process and d load or something else PLEASE explain.

    2- I read another thread here that describes how you can watch CNN videos and some other bb video websites. NONE of them work on my phone. If I go to cnn from my curve and try to watch a video it then when I try to click DOWNLOAD VIDEO it says exactly.."Http error 502 bad gateway...the gateway received an invalid response from the server when attempting to fullfill your request...etc etc. This occurs from all of the listed BB friendly video websites. Is there any way to watch videos. Sometimes I wish I had the i fone.

    3- Also what is the movytv thing? I downloaded connects on my curve at 100 percent and then nothing happens. What must I continue to do to use this? Does this work with the 8320 Curve? Will this allow me to use YOU tube?

    4- I want to transfer some movies to my 2 gig memory card. I need to convert them to shrink them and fit more on my phone ... correct? Any tips or clues as to a SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, way to convert some movies and then put them on my phone? I used the super C program and..of course...after following directions on a thread here on this site...It did not convert properly. It errored.

    I really wish all of this would be an easier process for those of us that aren't perfectly computer savy and that don't wish to spend 20 hours LEARNING how to do all of this. If anyone can help, explain, simplify those 4 questions it would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Smile has video viewer

    my mobi site has link Video you can view videos and i have a BBerry 8320 and I put a Media Card on the Back of the Device and viewing Media Videos work finally it work. check it out and let me know if it work.

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