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Originally Posted by Sci-Tek would be good to know if there is, alt+$ would that ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Re: Speakerphone Convenience Key ??


    Quote Originally Posted by Sci-Tek View Post
    would be good to know if there is, alt+$ would that apply to pearls aswell?
    For the pearl you only have to push the exclamation key on upper right hand corner of the screen. It has a speakerphone picture on it.

    On my curve on the calling screen all I do is push the speakerphone key without the alt and it does it automatically but I believe you might be referring to being on the home screen. I never use the alt key for speakerphone. Just one click works for me.

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    Thanks a lot! ive been wondering for a while how i could activate the speakerphone with one click.. I think some people here are getting confused about alt + $ and pressing $ after u make a call.. there are three ways to activate speakerphone:

    1. after u make or receive a call, click the menu key scroll down and select 'activate speakerphone'

    2. after u make or receive a call, click alt + $

    3. after u make or receive a call, simply click the $ Key

    Now, as far as the convenience key options is concerned speakerphone is not a option, so that wont work unless one can tweak or hack..

    I wish there was a way i could receive or make calls using speakerphone by default, i tried using the voice dialing feature, it had a hard time to recognize the name of the caller you tell to dial.. however, when you ask for a number it works like a charm, unfortunately what it does not do it activate the speakerphone automatically..

    I would highly appreciate if any of you could come out with a solution for this issue, i hope blackberry adds this option in its next version of handheld software.

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    Re: Speakerphone Convenience Key ??

    ~via BB (

    Why are people using the ALT button? You don't need to use the ALT button if you're on a call.

    Also I don't think this will ever be able to be a possiblity to make it a convience key.

    First off to be able to even get into speaker phone you need to be on a call. Trying to start off on speaker phone would be pointless since you're not even connected to the network yet.

    Mobiles are nothing like a land line. You have to dial then connect. Since this has to happen. Starting in speaker phone is NOT a possiblity

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    Re: Speakerphone Convenience Key ??

    Um.. use the key with the little speaker on it if youre using the curve on T Mobile... lol.

    There is never going to be an convience key as the little button WITH THE SPEAKER ON IT actually IS the one touch speaker option..

    red dog is correct.. The speakerphone is only available when you are on a call. You hear the dial tones via the speaker as you dial as it is.. What ya else do you wanna hear on speakerphone, the dial tone..... lol

    Just like the button on the top is your one touch mute option!!!!
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