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    Song Titles


    I just uploaded a whole bunch of music to my media card except the song titles aren't being diplayed. Just says Track 1 Track 2 and so on. Anyway to fix this? It shows the song titles on my PC both in file explorer and Roxio Media Manager they are just not being transered to my BB

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    Re: Song Titles

    yeah bro i had this same issue. basically switch over to "mass media storage" mode so that your pc recognizes it as a removable hardrive. locate it from your pc, go to the folder where you music is, right click on the song, then click on properties. basically just edit the information listed under the advanced tab, this is the information that dictates how it will be filed.

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    Re: Song Titles

    If you rip the songs off of a CD with Roxio and have access to the internet make sure that the song names register on the screen before you copy it. The program will try to access the database and update the CD info for you(so you don't have to manually type in the name). When you transfer it to your BB it should recognize it automatically.

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    Re: Song Titles

    ~via BB (
    If you need to manually enter the information MP3Tag is a great tool. The more I use it the more I discover I can do with it.

    Its 100% free too.

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