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Hi all, First i would like to tell you that i am very new user ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Some queries for BB 8900 plzz. helpppp...


    Hi all,
    First i would like to tell you that i am very new user user of blackberry curve 8900, in past i have used different platforms. This is my first time to use blackberry, I have some query plz. advise me :-

    1. I have secured home wi-fi network, when i unsecured my home wifi network my bb 8900 connected with that nd i can use web browsing but whenever i did secured wifi network nd try to web browing in bb 8900 , it does not connect. I have also entered WEP key in that but not connected plz, advise me how to connect secured wifi (WEP Enabled ) network on to my bb8900.

    2. Second is about Bluetooth, whenever i tried to connect with my second SE W950i , it does not connect and whenever i tried to connect my nokia E90 communicator or my bluetooth enabled laptop , it connected. I dont whats problem with my or SE phone,every time i searched in both phone but no device found. Plz. advise me

    Sorry for wrong enligsh, but waiting for your advise

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    If you've connected to your wi-fi at home, unsecured, you should be able to do it secured as well. The only other step as you go through the process is to enter the WEP key when given the opportunity. Your phone should automatically determine whether it's secured or not and take care of offering that step. Having connected unsecured, maybe a reboot of the BB after you set the "secured" setting on your router would help.

    I don't know about the specific BT problem but it seems to be an issue with the settings on your W950i.
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    make sure the w950i is paired but not connected before you try sending anything......if ur trying to send from ur w950i to the bb u need to be ready to recieve the specific file on the bb first e.g. sending an mp3 to the bb means u must go to media>music click menu and lick recieve via bluetooth

    Hope this helps...

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