Passing this info on from HoFo....

Please pm me info and I will pass it on to the user for contact with RIM...

Here is his post:

HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Solving the BlackBerry Curve/Pearl MMS speaker cutoff issue, please submit your data!

These people had me on hold forever but I just got off the phone with BlackBerry, as I have a paid support subscription since I support the BlackBerry users at my job. They said they have not heard of this issue before, but I opened a case number.

The tech e-mailed me and told me to reply with the following info for two or three affected BlackBerry devices. I am providing him with my own info, so that's one. It would be great if we could get a Pearl as well as a Sprint Curve in here, as I want to show him that the issue is real and widespread. The more the merrier though so even if you have a Verizon Curve like me, please submit your info. If you want to be part of the solution and are comfortable providing this, please PM me the following info:

Any environmental information you can provide.
Model Number
Service Provider
Software Version (Please include as much det
Whether you are on a BIS or BES.

It will only be forwarded from me on to BlackBerry themselves.

In addition he said if I could forward him the exact contents of an MMS that caused this problem so that they can attempt to replicate it. I will give my e-mail to someone who can do this (or multiple people, via PM) so that they can send it to me and I can forward it on to BlackBerry.

He says if they can replicate it, they will consider it a known issue and will be fixed in a future release. If you have any questions please post them here and I can forward them on. I've also forwarded him links to these threads discussing the issue:

HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - "Hello, Hello...why can't I hear anything" BlackBerry Curve issue?


If you know of more forums/threads discussing it please link me so that I can include them.

EDIT: If someone could link to this thread in that CrackBerry post to raise awareness that would be great, you have to have ten posts before posting a link though.