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    Lightbulb Solved - Otterbox Echo Problem


    As discussed in this thread, a few of us Otterbox Defender case users were experiencing an echo problem for the person on the other end of the call. Essentially, the other person said they could hear their own voice a second or so later as a sort of feedback loop.

    Many have mentioned that removing the clear skin portion of the Otterbox case solved the problem. However, the keyboard coverage and screen coverage were not something that I was willing to sacrifice as this was a major selling point for me. Working in dusty environments causes all sorts of problems.

    After looking at the case for a while, I decided to try to break down what portions of the case were causing the problem. I finally found that simply folding the portion of the clear skin with the cloth inset that is supposed to cover the microphone (speaking end of the phone) up and under the hard case made the problem go away. One could also trim this portion of the clear skin away.

    I wish I could get a picture to post (perhaps I can later tonight) but I don't have any camera with me other than that on the phone and well -- it can't photograph itself!

    Hopefully this helps others! I've tried it with a couple callers now and they have all reported that things sounded back to normal.
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    Good stuff. I found that fabric cover pretty cumbersome anyway.

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