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I dowloaded os 8300/ and have come across software tokens under my security options. In ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    software tokens-what is this?


    I dowloaded os 8300/ and have come across software tokens under my security options. In simple terms-what is this for and how can I use it? I like to play with all the features =) Ps I have an unlocked curve from att and upgraded my os and have both browsers. It almost brought me to tears. Happy happy joy joy

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    Re: software tokens-what is this?

    Doing some research this is what I found don't know what it means either...LOL quote:
    Token-based credentials are network security credentials that use a token formed by combining a unique identifier, called a seed token, and another variable. Successful network authentication requires a valid token.

    There are two different types of token-based credentials: hardware tokens and software tokens. Hardware tokens are tokens generated by a physical device separate from the network client device and software tokens are generated by software residing on the network client device.

    The RSA SecurID® Library (a cryptographic library) on the BlackBerry smartphone periodically generates a software token for network authentication.

    Check this link also for more info:
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