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I'm a recovering Treo650 user with a new curve. Is there any software out there ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Software to track the minutes used on your Curve


    I'm a recovering Treo650 user with a new curve. Is there any software out there that will track the amount of minutes used? There was a piece of software called minutes that you could input your wireless phone plan and would keep track of your daytime, weekend and data usage. Any software like this for the Blackberry Curve?

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    I use media net browser. Well, i'm with AT&T so it pretty much tells me how many minutes i have left and such. there are also shortcuts i use from my keyboard that texts me the minutes i have and stuff. Sorry if this doesn't help. I dunno if your carrier does the same

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    Go to your call log click on menu and go to status... it will show you last call and total calls and you can reset it
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    Thanks, Rashard. Neat. I live in one of these "remote" areas where one is never certain about the accuracy of the phone bill. This will provide a good comparison.

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