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My bb is not working, I cannot click on any of my applications without it ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Question Software gone haywire


    My bb is not working, I cannot click on any of my applications without it locking the phone or asking me to move the icon. I am unable to get in any of my programs because of this. I cannot even set my profiles!!!! How do I solve this problem???

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    I had a Sidekick 3 do this to me a few years ago (it would only open the MP3 player regardless of what menu shortcuts I used). I didn't have the option of reloading the software without T-Mobile's help, so after a chat with their online support, I just warrantied the thing out (which will be your last resort if the steps below don't work).

    First, remove the battery for up to 30 seconds, along with the SIM (if u have one) and media cards, if installed in the phone. Next will be to start deleting apps (and adding them back ONE BY ONE to find the culprit) and see if that solves the problem. If not, then back up the phone and wipe it and restore it with a fresh copy of your DEVICE'S latest OS.

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    Sounds like if you restored the phone to its factory default settings that might do the trick. To reset the phone, first you should hook your Blackberry up to your computer, run the Desktop Manager software and backup all your apps and data. From there, and hoping you can get into your phone to do so, here are the steps to reset to factory default settings: How to Wipe a Blackberry to factory default.

    If accessing the Options on your phone is not an option, I'd suggest you download the Blackberry Swiss Army Knife tool to your computer. Find it here: Blackberry Swiss Army Knife
    Once you download this tool you can hook your BB up to a computer and then click on the "Factory Reset" button to have it do all the work for you.

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