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My 8900 has suddenly decided to run on a go slow - pausing for a ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Slow down since battery change?


    My 8900 has suddenly decided to run on a go slow - pausing for a fraction of a second with the clock timer appearing. this happens randomly whether it be typing a message, navigating a menu etc.

    This only started happenign since:

    Last week my friend and I were away on vacation, he has a Storm. He complained that his battery wasnt charging, so can he try my battery in his mobile. We swapped and his BB worked fine and was able to charge. So i tried his battery in my took about 15 mins to boot up (previously mine never took longer than 3min for a full reboot) - it hung on a blank white screen with the timer.

    Finally once it had booted up, i checked battery status - it was red and on 5%. So i plugged it in to charge. Eventually after an hour it had charged up to around 85%.
    So we swapped batteries back and his worked ok since.

    However, since that day, mine has slowed down considerably - im not being paranoid. I even moaned to him that his battery has somehow screwed up my BB.
    I had never seen that delayed boot up before on this handset.

    Is it possible a battery could damage it? it was quite evident that the low power of the battery was somehow contributing to the slow bootup.

    I cant believe it would impact the phone software - but something just isnt right anymore and im annoyed as my phone was so quick (always clean memory, phone lists etc).



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    Well since both devices use the same battery, then the battery itself shouldn't be the problem. But maybe the boot-up under very low power didn't agree with your device. Have you tried battery pulls since then to see if the reboot is normal now or see if that helps the speed?

    Did you by any chance download anything new around the same time?
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    Under normal circumstances, I would say the other battery shouldn't have affected anything, but Murphy's Law is always present. I would eliminate software error by reinstalling the OS and see if that helps. If not, it COULD be possible that the battery somehow damaged something internally, but that's a real long shot. What you're describing really sounds like a software problem that coincided with the battery switching.
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    try using the memory cleaner, then power off, pull battery,
    wait 5 min press all buttons to drain any possible power
    reinstall battery, and give it a sshot...
    like strawder said new battery might have done something, is this an original battery or an extended length batt??
    let us know mybe we can help/!!!

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