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A few days ago my firm wiped my blackberry for updates. I have always had ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Showing and hiding SENT mail


    A few days ago my firm wiped my blackberry for updates. I have always had the option "hide sent mail" selected to "no", because if I am responding to work emails on my Blackberry, I like to see that it was responded to. Prior to my law firm wiping my devise it would only show sent mail that I sent from my blackberry (either on the BES or my ATT account). Now it is showing sent mail on my blackberry that I sent from my DESKTOP and it never did that before.

    I downloaded the software to enable me to have a separate inbox for my BES mail from my att mail so they are not jumbled together... could this be the problem?

    I only want to see emails that I have sent from my blackberry on my blackberry... not every email I send from my desktop.

    I tried turning the hide sent mail option to yes but I don't see anything.

    I know there must be an option I am missing - HELP it's driving me up the wall.

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    If you are on a BES, the BES administrator may have set it up this way and even if you change a setting on your device, the BES IT Policy will overwrite any changes you make on the device.

    If this is something you can discuss with your administrator, maybe he is unaware he chose to use the setting in this manner or, depending on the size of your firm, he did some research and a majority chose to have that feature selected.
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