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hello stackers, ive read from several places that its not a good idea to let ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Should i be worried? (BB battery)


    hello stackers,

    ive read from several places that its not a good idea to let the battery completely die as it will shorten the batteries life. lastnight i was following the O's & sox game at using the pitch by pitch and refreshing every 15 sec. anyways..i ended up falling asleep and the constant refreshing of the page drained my battery to the point where the indicator light started blinking(1 bar left).

    is this something to be concerned about? did i just shortened my batts life?
    should expect to experience abnormal battery loss?

    thanks in advanced.

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    Dont sweat're fine. You might want to order the extended battery from Sedio....I can run that thing hard for two days with no problems.
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    You don't need to worry. Today's Lithium batteries are much different than the ni-cads of old. Just don't make a point of draining it every day.
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