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Hi, im kind of new to pinstack, but here's the situation. In my old service ... BlackBerry Curve forum

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    Hi, im kind of new to pinstack, but here's the situation. In my old service provider, i had t-mobile and where i take the train(NYC) i used to have service there with tmobile. Now that i have at&t i expected better service but at the train station, all i get is SOS. whats the deal? i called At&t they said its the sim card. any help?
    Thank you

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    Network issue, not all carriers work great in every single area. In my company, I carry every single major carrier except Cricket because some networks work better than others and I have users worldwide. Unfortunately I have found with att that when you're in most buildings you don't get good reception. There's really not a whole lot that can be done unless you can get someone to spring for an antenna at the train station you use.

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    There are times when AT&T has very bad service. With my Curve, I was getting reception in some areas and now, with my Bold, in the areas that I used to get reception, reception is really low or non existent. It's the carrier...

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